Since its birth in London's famed East End in 1969, Alvin Lee, a creation of Dave Bance has established a long-standing philosophy centred on creating design-led suiting and menswear brand. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering innovative and precise tailoring, it fuses exceptional design and quality for an unmatched sartorial experience.


Having travelled to the United Kingdom as a migrant in 1959, Dave committed himself to hone the skills, crafts and techniques of tailoring that has laid firm foundations for the brand, Alvin Lee. The experience of working in factories and tailoring shops such as Lew Rose (well known for tailoring outfits for pop star Cliff Richard) and working for several West End retailers producing made-to-measure suits, Dave was inspired to set sail as an entrepreneur.


In 1971, the brand started supplying directly to the West End High Street, Carnaby and Savile Row by working with brands such as Peter Brown and Burton. Next was a foray into the wholesale business where as much as 2000 weekly units were exported to France, Germany, Holland, Norway and Switzerland and to stores such as Selfridges, John Lewis, House of Fraser and Fenwicks in the United Kingdom.


Today Alvin Lee is a highly respected and prominent retailer in the global menswear suiting industry. The brand’s philosophy of holding creativity at its heart has guided the team through its journey thus far.


Attention to detail, superior materials and reverence for artisanal craftsmanship; are the key principles that narrate the story of Alvin Lee. Proud to have such a long and rich heritage, Alvin Lee has been suiting up men for generations.


Their expertise and eye for sartorial finesse have traversed through different eras. With a highly experienced in-house design team and modern fabrics sourced from curated mills around the world, we invite you to explore the excellence of suiting and tailoring at Alvin Lee.